Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bestselling Book Offers Readers Colorado History Lesson


Reprinted from Colorado Country Life magazine

I love history and I recently came across an interesting historical biography that tells the story of some of Colorado’s early pioneers. It is the true story of two young “society” women who traveled across the country in 1916 to teach school in a remote settlement in northwestern Colorado. The story that unfolds is part biography, part travelogue and part early 20th century American history. Read More

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Welcome! Colorado Rural Electric Association is proud and honored to host the 72nd Annual NUTSEA Conference. 

We have an innovative lineup of speakers and events planned for the for the next few days. Not only will you learn about the latest trends in training and safety in the cooperative industry, you’ll reconnect with colleagues and refresh the relationships that are a hallmark of the NUTSEA community.

Beyond the conference, take to time to get to know our beautiful city, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Take in the fresh mountain air and amazing scenery. 

We hope you enjoy your stay. We’re excited you’re here!

Your host,

Mike Williams

Director of Safety and Loss Control, CREA



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